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The Essential Trades Group

Improve Your Online Presence


The Essential Trades Group

Improve your online presence.

1. Create a Website

Our team work with you in developing an effective website design that reflects the nature of your service.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO directly effects the visibility of your website, improving the amount of times you are found online.

3. Social Media Management

Drive customers to your business through your social media. We offer first time setup and ongoing support.

4. Digital Marketing

The Essential Trades Group create a unique marketing plan for your business based on your keywords and target audience.

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About Our Company

Website Design, Digital Marketing & SEO Made Easy

We help you accelerate growth in the digital space. The Essential Trades Group is about Digital Marketing, Website Design and business stratagy.

Specialising in small to medium business, we understand that in a competitive market, a well designed website needs to act as a strong and effective marketing tool. We work closely with our clients to turn simple ideas into powerful, business-generating websites. The Essential Trades Group is committed to making sure your website design is not only visually appealing, but most importantly that it generates results.


Our Knowlege

Through services like Digial Marketing, Social Media & SEO, The Essential Trades Group WILL improve your online presence.

  • Adobe Photoshop 95%

  • Google Ad Words 85%

  • HTML + CSS 90%

  • Shopify 80%

  • WordPress 95%

  • Email Marketing 85%

  • SEO 85%

Why Choose Us?

The Essential Trades Group is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. We believe that it is important to sit down with you and discuss your ideas anytime you need it. This is why we focus on local business, so you have a good relationship with your developer instead of getting lost in emails over a long period of time.
Our website design team work with you in developing a professional look that successfully reflects the nature of your business. All our websites are search engine optimised and fully responsive which means your website will look clean on all devices from smart phones to desktop computers.
Starting with a detailed report on your current website design, we create a plan to further boost the quality of your content. Being found easily on search engines is crucial as the majorty of the time we dont go further then page 2 when looking for a service. The Essential Trades Group have gathered a check list over the years which when implemented, will improve the amount of visiters to your website over time.

Our Featured Services

Google Ad Words

Display your business on Googles advertising network. The AdWords program enables you to set a budget and pay only when people click to your website. Bid for keywords that match your business and start seeing immediate results.


Wordpress is a content management system which lets both the developer and clients interact within the design. Once completed, we make it easy for you to make future edits when needed. For example a blog that needs ongoing updates.


Email Marketing is still a strong asset in the advertising world. We create professional letterheads, track their performance and generate a regular report for you.

Meet Our Team

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Shawn Cain


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How Can We Help

The Essential Trades Group are availabe 24/7 and will respond to your message promtly. If you have an idea and want to know what it might cost, or simply want to chat, Send us a message and we will be in touch.